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Atlas Slingshot (Size: L)
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Atlas Slingshot (Size: L)

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SKU: Slingshot_L
Weight: 500 grams
Stock: Stock available

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Atlas Originals Slingshot will allow you to increase the load of your bench press training without increasing the risk of injuries by reducing stress on the shoulders, elbows, and chest.

Product Features

  1. Assists lifters to put more weight safely while maintaining correct form, preventing accidents and injury.
  2. May be used for rehabilitation or working around a pre-existing bench related injury.
  3. Flexible, elastic and easy to put on, providing lifters an enhanced benching experience.
  4. Suitable for benching, push ups, muscle-ups and chest related exercises.

Measurement Guide

Based on your body weight.

Important Information

  1. If you have any questions regarding application, please contact Atlas Originals at sales@atlasoriginals.com immediately.
  2. The product is not flameproof, kindly avoid exposure under the Sun and temperature above 100°C.
  3. The product is not entirely water proof and not washable. Do not soak the product in water.
  4. The function of the product must not be changed or compromised; the product should only be used for its original and intended purpose only.
  5. Do not stretch, cut or pull the product. This will damage the product, rendering it unsafe for use and beyond repair.
  6. If you suffer strains or injuries, please cease to use our product immediately.


Product Manual